Creating a corporation for Startup’s

December 1, 2006

I have just completed the creation of the corporation for

So why a corporation?

Well, I have no holdings, i.e. houses, cars, boats, etc., actual physical objects of value. Apparently LLC’s are good for protecting these and the guidelines for tax breaks cater to depreciation of holdings. I am a service business and the best protection and tax breaks are with the big C. I got this final advice from a lawyer friend.

Why not continue as a sole-proprietor?

Unless you have a DBA, the merchant account and SSL process is not geared towards people. They like companies and rightfully so. Establishing your business makes everything legit, easier and provides protection and tax benefits. It only cost me $100 and 10 days later, Inc. was created and ready to control.

So why is your name the URL of your website?

My corporation’ s name is the URL for free advertisement. This goes on the incorporation record, bank statements and all public documents. The name explains my business and tells them how to find it, all for free. Check out the owning company of Amazon.


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