now has 18 users and 26 copyright registrations. That is three days of nothing but google adWords bringing people to our site. In three days google refered 43 people to That is just under 50%. Again not bad for three days.

We had some issues with email coming from the server being flagged as spam from Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. Give thanks that I have a super linux guru on the team. A couple tweaks and everything is all good. If you need this or another trick done to fix your companies emails from being flagged as spam, let me know.


We just flipped the switch. Free and easy copyright registration is available for the ever growing digital universe at

I must now go and consume this bubbly. begins …

November 14, 2006

So I am creating a web application called MyFreeCopyright .com provides a third-party, non-repudiation registered dating of your original creation. The registered dating is done through the capture of a fingerprint of the original digital creation and storing it publicly as well as sending it to the owner in an email. Other benifits of this application will include the issuing of Creative Commons licenses as well as the standard All Rights Reserved, which will be the fingerprint and registration with only and secure archiving of the copyright.

This weblog will help me keep records of all the technical tasks I carry out while creating this application.

This application will be developed using Ruby on Rails on a 12 ” Mac Powerbook. The last PPC model they made.